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I can do anything. Except some things. Like singing. I can't sing.

Allow me to introduce myself

When I started working in advertising back in 1996 I did stuff in just about all the traditional channels that exist – above and below the line, instore and outdoor, spreads and tv ads. I made branding campaigns and developed corporate identities. And I still do all these things. But on top of that, I have gained a lot of knowledge about digital stuff – all the things that some people still call new media. Today I combine the traditional skills of communication and conceptualizing with interactivity and social media.
It has always been about getting people’s attention, but it is getting harder and harder to reach people just by spending more mediadollars. These days you have to be smart. That is why media channels, technology and distribution is something that should always be defined by the message you are trying to deliver. Not the other way around.

More about me

A few of the brands I’ve worked with are shown here