mp3 is so last year

Posted on Aug 4, 2009 in Teknologi, Uncategorized

While the record labels still focus all their efforts on protecting their precious cd sales the rest of the world – meaning the people that listen to music – are moving on.
As I have said before, the primary selling point for consumers of music is convenience.

While record labels might see mp3s and the downloading of these are the big problem, last fm, pandora and spotify are already busy at making mp3s a thing of the past. Having a big record collection took up shelve space. A big collection of mp3s takes up disk space. And no matter how big your collection is, it will never have everything, and it requires constant maintainance to keep it updated. But with online music services you have all the music in the world wherever and whenever you need it, constantly updated and properly indexed.

In a couple of years, having 60gb of disk space filled up with music will seem just as old school as having 500 cds on a shelve.

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