McDonald’s in Denmark have something called “Coinoffers” – products that are so inexpensive you only need coins to buy them. The problem was that competitors were now doing the same. I helped DDB Copenhagen do something different and noteworthy to make McDonald’s stand out. We came up with the currency of McDonald’s – coins that you had to earn by participation and brand engagement. We made our own QR-codes and developed an app to read them. The app was also the bank-account as well as the platform for purchasing. You earned coins by scanning the traditional ads – billboards, print ads and even ads on tv and radio.

The Coinoffer’s app was the fastest downloaded commercial app in Denmark to date. More than 3,5% of the danish population actually got the app, making it number 1 on both iTunes and Android markets. It also made McDonald’s 100.000 new fans on Facebook within weeks.

The case won two gold and two silver Creative Circle Awards, two Danish Internet Awards and two Cannes Lions (Integrated Mobile + Integrated Media)


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